Paul spent 34 years in Commercial Radio, part of this time he spent writing, producing and voicing Commercials, Trailers and other Audio Visual projects. 

Whether it’s an authoritative straight read for your corporate presentation or a production that requires character performance, Paul’s rich versatility will enhance your audio soundtrack. He also has an impressive repertoire of "Soundalikes". He has worked with the likes of legendary TV producer Gerry Anderson.

Click the links for examples or to hear his current Showreels.


You can email your script; several takes will then be recorded and returned via email or Dropbox for example, in a format to suit you - MP3, WAV etc. ISDN sessions can be arranged with a little notice or in person at your studio.

My very dear friend and mentor, Dave Wade, better known to thousands of listeners to my radio shows in the 80's and 90's as The Witchfinder General, sadly passed away on 24th January 2017. He was my guiding light in my formative years and we worked together on so many projects. He was blessed with a tremendous voice and I'd like to share a few moments with you from our hundreds of recordings in the studio. We start with his trademark Witchfinder General character. These stories were broadcast, of course, at the Witching Hour! RIP, my old friend.